The long road back to freedom has started!

This week has shown us that, at last, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a tough year but we are coming through it and we have some dates to look forward to.

Yes, there’s some caveats that we need to be aware of, but, if we continue to follow these rules then over the next few months life will start to become normal again.

“Normal” – there’s a word which will have a different meaning for some people as we continue to navigate through the next few months.

April 12th is the date we are looking forward to the most as it’s when we can start welcoming people back to our apartments – so long as they are from the same family or support bubble.

We cannot wait to welcome guests back, it’s as simple as that. We love hearing from them, their excitement at booking a stay with us, getting the keys to the apartment and hearing about their experience afterwards.

We’ve missed so much and while it will take a while for things to fully return to normal, we are on the path.

During lockdown we have concentrated on working with local businesses to see how they have been coping and adapting to the circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s shown us how inspirational some people can be by adapting their business to the ever-changing environment. Selling cakes to the masses and launching a successful company during a pandemic is no mean feat.

Yes, there have been those who will have lost a lot but there are those, like us, who have seen an opportunity to grow.

Looking forward, we cannot wait for other businesses to open their doors as well, from the hair and nail salons to the cafes, bars and restaurants where they are hoping for a bumper year by playing either catch up or making a fresh start.

In short, it looks like, finally, there really is something to look forward to and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Till April 12, stay safe and take care. Check out our apartments here.

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