Helping to find new gems on the Fylde.

Often described as a gem of a coastal town, Charles Alexander Short Stay is proud to call St Annes its home.

We couldn’t think of a better place to have our amazing apartments – with everything within a stone’s throw of all you need for an experience you’ll never forget. In these uncertain times, while we are still coming to terms with a global pandemic, the likes of which none of us have ever experienced,
Charles Alexander Short Stay is doing all it kind to embrace the “new normal”.

While lockdown restrictions are being eased, as a company we have invested in the long-term future of not only our services, but also St Annes.

We now have a full-time marketing professional and graphic designer on board who will be offering a number of different services not only for our short stay accommodation but also promoting St Annes and the many amazing attractions, its bars and restaurants, it’s family events – oh, and its incredible miles on untouched beaches.

The ongoing pandemic has given us a chance to focus on new opportunities and how we can help not only those who are helping others struck down by this virus but also how we can create new memories for those thinking of travelling to the coast after months of lockdown.
As we continue to expand the business by taking on more serviced apartments in St Annes and the wider area, we will continue to support the local economy by investing in more services from our dedicated team.

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