Charles Alexander Short Stay

Guest Book for Empress Hall

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Empress Hall

We wish you a happy and relaxing time during your stay. So why not begin by putting your feet up, get yourself a drink and have a read of this book before you explore the house and the rest of the area.

We ask that you take a few moments to read the following information, which we hope you may find helpful whilst visiting Blackpool and the surrounding area.

We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the house and the code is displayed in various rooms and in the reception area. Please do not remove any of the devices or move them during your stay.

Do's and Don'ts!

Heating – the house is heated by gas central heating and is on a timer. Please contact the on-site manager, Lee, should you wish to change the heating.

Rubbish – Please ensure bins are emptied at the end of your stay, and use recycling bins where available. Bins are located at the rear of the property near the car park area.

Electrical Equipment & Chargers – please ensure that these are unplugged at night and when leaving the house unattended.

No Smoking / No Candles Policy
A charge of £250 will be made if evidence of smoking is found in the apartment.

Noise –  Planning permission was granted on the basis that all guests are indoors after 10pm. We respectfully ask you not to use the garden area after 10pm.

Entrance Door – The main door to the house is coded – you will have already received the code to enter. All exit doors have thumbturn locks for easy escape. All bedroom doors have locks, keys are available on request. Please call 01253 486009 for more information. 

Departure Day and Time – At the end of your stay please leave the house by 10:00AM. Please ensure bins are emptied at the end of your stay.


We ask that internal doors are closed at night to reduce the risk of any fire spreading.


Breaks and Spills

Please inform us of any breakages so we can provide replacements. Also please let us know of any spills and stains which may need our attention. There may be a charge involved.

Instruction Manuals – We have placed instruction manuals for the electrical equipment in a separate folder. Please leave these in the house so other guests may refer to them as required.

Bedding and Towels – For stays of more than one week we will provide a change of bedding for each bedroom and fresh towels for the bathroom and kitchen. If you require a more frequent change we are happy to arrange this for a small additional charge.

Hairdryer – A hairdryer is provided in each bedroom.

Ironing – An iron and ironing board is available in the basement store cupboard. 

Emergency Lighting – In case of electrical failure or in the event of a fire, emergency lights are situated in the communal areas and the reception area of the house. 

Dog rules!

Please clean up after your dogs, both inside and outside of the apartment. Dogs are not allowed on any of the furniture. 

A water and food bowl is provided. Pet beds/baskets are not provided.

Local Shops & Supermarkets – Blackpool is supported by several large supermarkets. The closest one to Empress Hall is Sainsburys in central Blackpool, a five-minute drive away. There is also a Sainsbury’s on Red Bank Road in Bispham, turn right on the Promenade and it’s a five minute drive away. 

Restaurants – Blackpool has a great selection of restaurants and fine dining with eateries to suit all taste buds. From traditional fish & chips on the Promenade to some five-star dining establishments across

the town centre. For a comprehensive list of all the best, please visit:


there is parking available at the rear of the property, for 10 cars,  which can be accessed via the alleyway off Empress Drive and Holmfield Road. Please note, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage occurred whilst parked outside of the property. 


We consider our guests’ safety and the risk of fire to be of utmost importance. We have a comprehensive fire risk assessment, which is reviewed annually. The apartment is fitted with smoke detectors, which will alert you should a fire start. There are manual call points in the communal areas outside the apartment. Please use these in an emergency ONLY.

A fire blanket is located in the kitchen.

Water fire extinguishers are located in the communal areas/corridors.
Escape Plan
To exit the building please follow the FIRE EXIT SIGNS in the communal areas.

What to do in the event of a fire? – !! GET OUT, STAY OUT !!
  1. If safe to do so, evacuate the building using the stairs. Leave your belongings behind.

  2. Raise the alarm to other residents by breaking the glass on the manual call point.

  3. Go to the assembly point.

  4. Contact the fire service on 999.


For Fire, Police, Ambulance, or Coast Guard call 999.


Out of hours emergency numbers:
call 01253 486009 and press ‘option 2’, or call 07861 394856.

Features within the house - Please read this section carefully!

Cinema room – this is located on the basement level of the house and has seating for up to six people. The screen is already connected to a Netflix account so feel free to stream on this platform. Should you wish to access other streaming services, you will have to log in to the appropriate app. There is a popcorn machine and sweets trolley available which will be filled before your arrival. 

Disco room – this is also located on the basement level of the house and includes a karaoke machine and jukebox. Please respect our neighbours and turn the music down when the sun goes down! 

Games room – this is located on the left of the reception area and has the following features:

• Pool table – please ensure all balls and cues are accounted for at the end of your stay.

• Air hockey table

• Table football 

• Retro arcade games 

• Kids toy box 

• Selfie wall – please share your selfies with us on Instagram at @empresshallbpl

Garden area – there is a spacious garden area at the rear of the house with seating for up to 20 people, all of which comes with covers. Please ensure these are tidied away before you leave. 

XBox room – the latest XBox is available on the second floor of the house where youngsters (and adults) can get their fix of screen time. There is a selection of games already downloaded to use on the Empress Hall account, please remember to log off before you leave. Please ensure the  console is turned off before leaving the house. 

Public Transport and taxis – Central Blackpool is supported by an excellent public transport hub with access to buses, trams and taxis to all areas of the coast. The closest tram stop to the Empress Hall is opposite The Cliffs Hotel. Trams run every 15 minutes to Starr Gate to

the south and Fleetwood to the north. For fares and ticket information, please visit:

Blackpool’s main train station is Blackpool North, a five-minute drive away. Trams do not currently stop at the station. 

Several bus routes can be found on the Promenade and Blackpool’s main bus station can be found on Bank Hey Street. There are a number of taxi services operating in Blackpool, including Premier Taxis (01253 401000) C Cabs (01253 292929) and BlackTax (01253 596596) Please note that Blackpool does not operate an Uber service.