A lockdown love letter to the Fylde…

It may have slipped your mind to what day it is and who could blame you, it’s a pretty confusing time.

This weekend sees Valentine’s Day, when loved up couples celebrate their partnership by showering each other with gifts, over-priced Prosecco and needless romantic gestures.

However, as much as we’d love to have couples gracing our apartments, lockdown has put an unfortunate end to this, but we can still spread the love.

You see, St Annes is often referred to as the “gem” in the crown of Lancashire and it’s the main reason we chose the seaside town as a location for our luxury apartments. With its mix of independent shops, quaint cafes, great restaurants and pubs (when they re-open), the town is usually a bustle of activity day and night.

We love the characters which make the town unique, we love strolls along the Promenade and don’t seem to care how long it takes to reach the sea, when it seems like it could go on for miles.

During the winter, we don’t mind getting togged up for walks along the coastal walls at Fairhaven when the wind is biting and the air is crisp. In the summer, we don our shorts and flip-flops and love the feel of the soft sand between our feet, making sandcastles and just watching the world go by as we laze in the sunshine.

In “normal times” we have loads of activities to look forward to including Lytham Festival, the War Weekend on the Green, St Annes International Kite Festival, the carnival days, various arts festivals and craft markets.

These times will return, that much is clear, the only question we need answering is when. We just have to be patient.

What’s that old saying… absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Until then, just know that we cannot wait to welcome you back and we know you will love your stay with us, and the Fylde.

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