Why stay with Charles Alexander Short Stay?

Staying with Charles Alexander Short Stay is an experience like no other.

All our apartments offer a unique short stay environment where you can choose to relax and get away from everything or explore the local area, of which there is plenty to explore!

Our number one priority is making sure everything is perfect from the moment you book an apartment to the minute you sadly have to say goodbye.

Relationships are important to us and we have built up some great ones whilst establishing Charles Alexander Short Stay.

Everyone is important to us and everyone is treated with the same respect – because we want people to come back and spread the word about how amazing we are!

But we can only be amazing due to the people who we work with – from our cleaners to our builders and those who work behind the scenes and make the magic happen.

And there are the businesses we want to work with – at a time when the local economy is more important than ever and coming out of lockdown – we need to be pulling together.

Every aspect of your stay is important to us – from the booking process to the apartment to the time you leave us.

We can guarantee that when you stay with us, we will do the following:

  • Make your booking effortless

  • Ensure your apartment is cleaned to government regulations

  • Provide your apartment with extra hand sanitiser during your stay

  • Offer a meet and greet with you

  • Be on hand for any issues you might have

  • Provide you with information about the area

Booking direct with Charles Alexander will offer you the best deals and one-to-one service you wouldn’t normally get with dealing with a third-party operator.

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