Get creative during COVID

If lockdown has taught us anything over the past year it’s that we can all learn new skills.

For some it’s being a dab hand at DIY, for others becoming great at gardening and others have chosen to bake banana bread.

But for Sharon Hyde it was all about becoming The Artful Bakester.

From her kitchen in St Annes, she has created some mouth-watering buns, cheesecakes and tasty treats to sell to a public who love a sugary delight.

It’s taken Sharon many months of planning to launch the business and the restrictions didn’t help her in the process of transforming a home into a small business.

She told us: “Setting up a new business in a pandemic! Sounds crazy right?

“But for me this year allowed me to focus on a passion of mine and making it into a business, it hasn’t been easy and plenty of challenges have been thrown my way, buying new equipment, setting my home kitchen to run as a business, contacting suppliers, passing regulations, I very nearly didn’t think it would happen in time for Christmas but amazingly It all fell into place.”

Launching just a few weeks before the festive period kicked in, The Artful Bakester tapped into the Christmas spirit with mince pie creations and peppermint creams – both a big seller. And the new year has brought more creations along with it, plus a delivery service as we continue on our current lockdown journey. Sharon added: “Covid has certainly made things challenging but I count myself lucky I can continue to safely provide a service that I hope brings some cheer to peoples days.

“I have recently decided to offer a delivery service locally while we are under tight restrictions and a local pick up is also still available with all safety measures in place. “I have loved every minute, it’s been challenging, I am still learning but I get to do something I love. “The support has been overwhelming, I really didn’t expect such a positive response in such a short space of time.”

The Artful Bakester has been one of a number of small businesses in St Annes to have launched during lockdown – and to have donated their products to a competition we ran before Christmas. We’d like to thank everyone for their kindness and support and be rest assured that we will continue to support small. If this blog has whetted your appetite then check out

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