Coping during COVID - The Pub

Small businesses have been hit the hardest by the COVID pandemic.

Some have closed their doors permanently while others have adapted to the landscape – making sure they continue to offer services – usually online or keeping their social distancing guidelines in place.

While the pandemic has forced firms to change their ways, it has also had its successes and support of the local community – something which has happened in abundance in St Annes. Pubs and restaurants have had to adapt – one minute they are open and bustling, the next they are ringing the last orders bell – by offering a take-away service for food and drink.

No 10 Ale House in St Annes is one such business which has changed its offering, allowed to open during the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, it now offers a pizza and prosecco take-away.

Adam, manager of No10, said: “It’s been a hard 10 months for us, we started in July letting people back into the pub at a reduced level taking details, sitting people apart, sanitising everything at 30 minute intervals and tables service to then installing a pizza oven and refurbishing the kitchen to serve meals with drinks when the rules changed and now doing takeaway and deliveries.

“As a business we have had to adapt in order just to try and stay active in the community and provide a service.”

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