Back to school? Fancy some much-needed R&R?

It seems very strange to write this, but it’s almost time for kids (and older kids) to go back to school.


After six months of (mostly) homeschooling, mums and dads will be looking forward to a few days R&R.

You might have had to work from home as well which means living in each other’s pockets and praying the sun comes out so you can at least give them some exercise.

Don’t you just love the “summer” holidays?!

If you’ve been driven mad, being eaten out of house and home, been constantly badgered and in need of giving Netflix et al a break then listen up…

We can help!

We understand having the kids around you for almost half a year means you will need a break. And if you are lucky enough to have grandparents, aunties, uncles, godparents, best mates, nannies etc… to call on then we have the perfect getaway for you!

So, get your child-minders on speed dial and get them booked in while you check out some of our great offers – starting at just £85 per night.

Throughout September, October and November we will be having some exclusive deals for couples who require rest and relaxation after a challenging few months.

The best way to keep an eye on these deals is to stay in touch with our social media channels and they will be appearing as often as we get them!

Our channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and we will also be sending them out via e-mails.

For the best deals, book directly with us here or call 01253 486009

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