A life behind the lens during a pandemic

One of the upshots – if there can be such a thing – about living through a pandemic is getting back in touch with nature.

Despite lockdown, the government has granted us the small window of getting exercise everyday, whether that be walking, running or cycling (but not too far away!)

For many it’s helped with their mental health, getting away from their laptops, home-schooling and the walls which seem to be closing in on us over the months. For others, like local professional photographer, Mark McNeill, it meant packing his trusty camera and exploring the Fylde, taking shots of unique landmarks and sharing them with great success.

Mark has chosen to stay local even though being a professional photographer allows him to travel to different jobs.

Over the past few months, Mark has provided Charles Alexander with some of his brilliant pics which we have used as part of our marketing campaigns.

However, like the vast majority of the hospitality industry, some of Mark’s businesses have had to be put on hold.

“Sadly, even though some weddings have gone ahead, there is not much call for photographers due to social distancing measures,” says Mark, “I am hopeful things will return to normal once we have the virus under control. “Taking pictures is my life and the Fylde has so much to offer in terms of landmarks and unique opportunities either on the coast itself or further inland. The lockdown has allowed me to explore the coast and seems to have created a new breed of photographer.”

While the pandemic has put some of Mark’s plans for 2021 on hold, such as workshops, travel and wedding photography, it has presented him with some other opportunities. He added: “Some businesses which have either closed temporarily or have put plans on hold have been in touch for commercial photography which has been great. I am also in the process of completing my drone licence which is very exciting and will present lots more opportunities for business.”

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